The Anabolic Steroid Calculator is an excel-based modeling tool formulated to take the guesswork out of anabolic steroid cycle design. It makes available for the first time a spreadsheet dedicated to the real-time calculation and visual representation of theoretical pharmacokinetic dose-response curves in a graphical format. Its simultaneous presentation of all the critical parameters of your cycle ensures that you can design and follow any cycle with confidence, without the need for blindly following 'expert' advice.

The Anabolic Steroid Calculator allows you to input several modeling variables, and importantly, if you are injecting several different steroids simultaneously, the system calculates the additive affect of each individual drug to generate an overall picture of your cycle. Other online calculators do not perform this calculation. We believe that this will greatly benefit those who want to compare multiple theoretical scenarios before cycle commencement.

    Key Features

  • Simultaneous analysis of up to 6 injectable and 3 oral drugs

  • Maximum cycle length of up to 20 weeks for injectables and 8 weeks for orals

  • Capacity to divide oral dosing into 3 separate daily doses if required

  • Real-time graphing of individual and overall dose-response curves

  • Detailed user-input for maximum flexibility (drug name and concentration, vial volume, volume correction, half-life, dosage interval, start day) with option to display a variety of unit combinations (mg/mL/# tabs)

  • Seamless integration of Sustanon 250 dosing

  • Automatic calculation and display of all cycle variables in textual and graphical format (date, cycle day, gross consumed totals, # of tablets and/or vials required, injected dose vs. effective dose, cumulative injected totals)

  • Printable dosage summary outlining exactly what you should take,
    and when

  • Chart export function to enable printing of dose-response curves

  • Peak to Trough calculator-instant calculation of the maximum dosage fluctuation between two intervals

  • PCT calculator-automatic determination (with optional manual override) of PCT starting date based on user input of what level the combined total effective dose should fall to before starting PCT

  • To view full-sized screenshots with detailed explanations, click here.

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  • I will be using the software to track my testosterone replacement therapy. My T was at 72 and now am on prescribed injections and am a data guy and love tracking this sort of thing.
  • Your customer service alone warrants purchasing your product, and supporting your company.
  • I've found your software very useful and well structured...I will suggest it to anyone who will need such a kind of software.
  • I used to do these calculations on my own and drawing up the graphs, but I got kinda tired of doing it everytime and therefore decided to buy your program...
  • It's really a great product that does what I certainly couldn't doctor doesn't even have this kind of tool.
  • It's the only product I know of that will let you track the effective dosage over a decent period of time. I use it to compare effective dosage to my lab blood levels of free, bound, and total testosterone...
  • Thanks for this program. It will be one of the most used tools in my arsenal throughout my bodybuilding career.
  • I used your program for almost a year now and I love it! The program works like a charm...keep up the good work and this good communication, every penny worth.
  • I've tried and bought this incredible software. It easily shows me the many errors I was making in my cycle planning. It will help me in rightly dosing the steroids to keep the best result and protect my health. Thanks very much to the all team.
  • ...after I had input all the data I was appalled. The accumulation of long esters in my system was in line to the many side effects I have experience over the last week... that's why I was looking for a calculator like this. Great product, it ensures safe use of anabolics, and eliminates guess work.
  • No more bro science! This programme opens my eyes to the best way of designing my cycle. No more wasting money on so called guru.
  • This programme makes me an independent bodybuilder because I have the knowledge to design an effective cycle and make good gains and progress towards my goals. Thank God I found it at the early stage of my career rather than later...I highly recommend this programme for every competitive bodybuilder. It's a MUST!
  • Helps me make sure when I have to pin long esters that they are correct to keep blood concentration levels as steady as possible!
  • I am using this calculator for hypogonadism. Because I inject myself, I want the lowest dosage of TE with a maximum of results and in my case that is quality of life... the communication between the team of ASC and me was perfect. Keep up the good work and every penny was well spent.
  • I've been looking for a calculator like this for a long time-thanks anabolic steroid calculator! Found the resource area very helpful too. Highly recommend to novice and experienced users alike.

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