best sarms for bulking

What are the Best SARMs for Bulking?

The 3 Best SARMs for Bulking

When people outside of the bodybuilding and serious athletic communities think about performance-enhancing compounds they immediately go to anabolic steroids – “juice” – and conjure up images of roid rage, all kinds of acne, and the myriad of horrific side effects those chemical cocktails bring to the table.

Those “in the know”, though, understand that there are a number of amazing performance-enhancing substances that can totally transform your body without the devastating impact that anabolic steroids include – and SARMs are probably the most popular of the bunch.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have the power to help you pack on pound after pound of lean muscle mass, to almost immediately improve your strength and endurance levels, and to help you shred weight while protecting your muscle during a cut, too.

At the same time, there are some SARMs out there better than others for pure bulking power – the kinds of SARMs you want to use when you’re looking to get as big as you can, as strong as you can, as quickly as you can.

We highlight those kinds of SARMs below.

Breaking Down the Bulking Benefits of SARMs

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the three best SARMs on the market today for bulking we want to touch on just a couple of the bulking benefits you’ll get from SARMs in general.

Let’s dig right in.

Pack on Lean Muscle Mass – FAST!

For starters, because of the chemical composition of SARMs – and the cascade of biochemical reactions they automatically trigger in your body as soon as you use them – you’re going to be able to build bigger, stronger, leaner muscles a whole lot faster than you would have been able to otherwise.

This is the number one reason that SARMs are often times called “steroids lite”. SARMs have the ability to increase protein synthesis in your body, to flood your muscles with oxygenated blood and flood protein to build new muscle mass quick, and the ability to help you maximize your recovery (something we touch on in just a second).

The bottom line is simple. With the right SARMs – the three we highlight in just a second – you’re going to be able to put on some serious muscle mass in a hurry, without adding a lot of fat along the way.

Dramatically Boost Your Strength (Almost Overnight)

Another reason people like to think of SARMs as a slightly lesser (and a whole lot safer) version of steroids is because they are going to pump up your strength levels almost overnight, too.

The strength gains are going to go hand-in-hand with your lean muscle gains, and you’ll find yourself breaking personal weightlifting records on a pretty consistent basis almost as soon as you start to supplement with these performance-enhancing substances.

It isn’t at all unreasonable to see strength gains of anywhere between 10% and 20% in the first 30 days of SARMs supplementation – and from there the sky is the limit. You’ll be able to bulk and build your muscles while throwing more weight around than ever before with the right approach to SARMs for sure.

Cut Recovery Time Down Significantly

A big piece of the bulking puzzle that SARMs are responsible for has to be there ability to dramatically cut down on your overall recovery time.

As we highlighted above, SARMs are going to create a cascade of biochemical reactions throughout your body that aren’t just going to flood your muscles with new protein building blocks and speed up the protein synthesis process to rebuild new muscle faster – but they are also going to help oxygenate your blood, remove lactic acid from your muscles, and generally help you to repair, rebuild, and recover from grueling workouts almost right away.

This all means you’ll be able to get more intense workouts in on a more frequent basis, and that means you are going to see your results skyrocket, too.

Speed Up Weight Loss Results, Too

You probably aren’t worried about weight loss when it comes time to bulk, but you will be happy to know that you are going to be able to put on some serious pain muscle mass poundage while using SARMs without having to add a lot of extra fat around your midsection (or anywhere else, for that matter) along the way.

The right SARMs are able to trigger some pretty incredible weight loss results almost all on their own, bumping your metabolic activity up so that you melt fat on a pretty much around-the-clock basis and use it to fuel your workouts and your recovery.

This is just one of the ancillary benefits of bulking with SARMs that you’re going to see (though there are cutting specific SARMs out there you want to consider when you’re ready to really shred).

Preserve Muscle Mass During Future Cuts

Speaking of shredding, one of the coolest features of SARMs is that they protect and preserve your muscle mass when you eat at a serious caloric deficit and train to cut – helping to “lock in” your lean muscle mass gains in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Nobody wants to cut and find their body wasting away because of it, losing those hard-won gains and having to pack on more lean muscle mass later down the line just to get back to where you were before.

SARMs help to prevent that.

The 3 Best SARMs for Bulking Today


Universally regarded as one of the best SARMs for bulking, you are going to be able to take your bulk to the next level with the help of everything this specific SARM has to offer.

Available in pill form as well as a liquid (both of which can be taken orally), this particular SARM doesn’t have the androgenic or anabolic impact that some of the more “hormone heavy” SARMs may – but it is still going to help you generate a lot of lean muscle mass in a hurry.

Because of its power and its potency it’s recommended that beginners start off with a daily dosage of 50 mg per day, ramping up to 75 mg per day about 14 days later – and possibly getting to 100 mg 14 days after that (though this is really only for experienced SARM users).

The real game changing benefits of this SARM show up when you stack it with some of the other options we’ve highlighted on this list, though.


Far and away one of the most popular SARMs money can buy – and for good reason – the potency of this particular performance-enhancing compound is what makes it so special.

Beloved by athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters that are looking to bulk up in a hurry, this SARM is a natural muscular strength enhancer that’s going to take your strength and endurance levels (as well as your overall athletic capacity) to new heights while adding pound after pound of lean muscle mass to your frame, too.

Because this SARM is so potent you want to stick to a six week on, eight week off cycling schedule and be really careful with your dosages. Not only will this SARM add lean muscle mass to your frame, it’s also going to increase your overall bone density and skeletal strength (fantastic for those that are getting a little older and want to maintain peak athletic performance and bone strength later on in life).

This performance-enhancing compound can also be stacked with the other SARMs, taking your bulking results to the next level.


A lot of serious bodybuilders consider this SARM to be the most potent and the most powerful of all the options available today.

Manufactured by the folks at Radius Health, the benefits that this SARM offers are similar (shockingly similar, in fact) to the benefits that traditional anabolic steroids offer – without any of the horrific negative side effects, of course.

Offering one of the highest anabolic ratios in the SARM world it doesn’t take a whole lot of this performance-enhancing compound to get some game-changing results. In fact, it’s recommended that individuals start with just 10 mg per day, ramping things up to 20 mg per day in about a month or so – and never taking dosages higher than that.

Because of the sky high anabolic ratio and general potency of this supplement, it’s not recommended that you stack this substance with other SARMs. You could be inviting some nasty side effects with that kind of approach and there’s no real compounding benefit to be seen by combining this SARM with others, either.