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We are offering samples of any of our research chemicals at no charge whenever you purchase any of our digital content.

First, determine which research chemicals you would like. Enter the quantities in the pricing calculator below, and note the "total" value. Write this value down as you will need to refer to it later.

Then, enter your order details (including the "total" value you wrote down in the previous step) and shipping address into the form on this page, and click "Submit". We will then contact you to confirm your order, and provide you with a payment link. The link will enable you to purchase any combination of digital content equal to the "total" value of your order.

Note: For all total amounts over $150, we will include a FREE registration key for our Anabolic Steroid Calculator application!

After receipt of payment, your product will be dispatched to you. It's that simple!

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The Fine Print:

  • Payment: Payment is via PayPal through our digital content provider.
  • Shipping: We ship internationally! Flate rate $30 worldwide with online tracking available.

    Shipping destinations: UK, EU, USA, Australia, Asia.

    No Shipping to: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil.

  • Shipping Time: USA/Australia: 10 days after payment; UK/Canada: 15 days after payment.
  • Packaging: ALL packages are discreetly labeled for your privacy.
  • Customs: Our products are shipped directly from our international supplier. We have a tried and tested shipping method that guarantees successful customs clearance for the countries listed above. Naturally from time to time products will be siezed and this is beyond our control. If you are unsure, begin by placing a small order. We are so confident about our clearance rate that if your product is siezed, we will refund or resend your order to a different address.

Pricing Calculator

Item Description Price per unit Quantity Total
1 Tamoxifen $55.00
2 Clomiphene $30.00
3 Viagra $20.00
4 Cialis $20.00

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