lgd 3033

LGD 3033: Benefits & Drawbacks Reviewed

Although a rather new supplement on the SARMs market, LGD 3033 has quickly gained a lot of admirers in the fitness and bodybuilding world. Since it has been only recently released, the content regarding this product is very scarce, especially compared to other, more established SASRMs. We’ll try to dig a little deeper to provide as much information as possible and explain what all the hype is about.

What is LGD 3033?

LGD 3033 is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) designed mainly to prevent muscle wasting, improve muscle growth, and help treat some other medical issues such as osteoporosis. It’s a selective agonist developed for the androgen receptor and has both anabolic and androgenic effects. LGD 3033 is a drug with an excellent absorption rate and perfect oral bioavailability. When ingested, it results in the enhancement of muscle size and strength.


LGD 3033 has been developed by renowned supplement manufacturer Lingad Pharmaceuticals, which is best known for the other SARMs product – LGD 4033. The company has significant experience in developing and releasing drugs and supplements to the market. The structure of LDG 3033 is actually a close relative to the one of LDG 4033. There has been some misunderstanding when it hit the market whether it is a new product, and many people have had it confused with its predecessor.

Lingad Pharmaceuticals began the first studies of LGD 3033 way back in 2007 at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Annual Meeting. They were looking into developing a drug for treating osteoporosis and muscle waste, especially with older people. Since then, prior to its release to the public, they have conducted numerous studies and tests which have shown enormous potential when it comes to muscle gain and waste prevention. There are still ongoing studies, particularly concerning long-term side effects.

How Does It Work?

The most important feature of LGD 3033 is its selective mechanism through which it is able to maintain beneficial responses of androgens, without significant side effects. It’s selective, because, unlike anabolic steroids, it only affects muscle or bone cells and not all androgenic receptors in the body. High tissue selectivity leads to significantly reduced negative effects. LGD also facilitates water retention and enhances nitrogen retention which both lead to better results in terms of muscle gain. This way all the improvement you’ve achieved won’t just disappear after the cycle.

The Benefits of LGD 3033

Unlike many other SARMs that are best suited for either bulking, cutting or recomping, LGD 3033 can help you with all three. This versatility is rarely seen in supplements available on the and is one of the main advantages of Lingad’s product.

LGD 3033 has proven to be very successful when it comes to increasing muscle mass. It boosts the muscle’s ability to retain nitrogen allowing them to significantly grow. Nitrogen enhances the synthesis of protein thus helping muscle building. So, more nitrogen leads to more protein which means greater muscle mass. Even though it’s a dry supplement, LGD 3033 will help you achieve muscle fullness that is more common for wet compounds. For this reason. for anyone who’s into bodybuilding, LGD 3033 is a great alternative to other supplements.

Cutting body fat is probably as important as building muscle mass. Including LGD 3033 in your cut cycle helps speeds up your metabolism, resulting in fat loss. Fat burning prowess of this SARM will not only improve body physique but also how that physique performs.

Another important benefit of using LGD 3033 is enhanced bone density. No matter if you’re cutting or bulking, your bones will need to be able to sustain the pressure. It is especially vital for athletes since it improves the range of body motion and strength, stamina, and endurance. Numerous clinical tests have even shown that this supplement can be very helpful in treating osteoporosis. It also improves the effectiveness of bisphosphonate drugs used for the prevention of bone density loss.

One of the most important features of LGD 3033 and the one that makes is stand out among many other supplements is that it doesn’t affect androgenic organs. It does not increase the size of the prostate gland and comes with no virilization risk, making it safe for women to use. Another important fact for women is that it has no masculinization issues meaning no problems with facial or back hair.

Some studies have shown that LGD 3033 increases libido with women and that it can be of use in treating some sexual disorders.

It is worth noting, for those who care, that anti-doping agencies are yet to develop a test for LGD 3033.

The Side Effects of Using LGD 3033

Although they are few and usually mild, the side effects of using LGD 3033 still exist. even though it does not target other androgenic receptors in the body other than in muscles it still alters testosterone levels. This can sometimes lead to a lack of energy, fatigue, hot flashes, breast tissue swelling, and mood changes. There were some reports of digestive issues during the first couple of days of the cycle.

Since LGD 3033 binds strongly to androgenic receptors it can crowd out testosterone also targeting those receptors. This can lead to a surplus of testosterone floating freely which can convert to estrogen which in turn can cause gynecomastia (men’s boobs).

As with other SARMs, you are always at risk of buying flawed compounds if not making your purchase with reputable and proven vendors. Adding other elements to the compound can lead to various harmful side effects. For example, adding prohormone ingredients can cause problems with vision and headaches.

To minimize the side effects, if you are a new user make sure to always start with the smaller doses. Also, bear in mind that, since LGD is a new drug, there is little knowledge of long-term side effects which are still a subject of research and testing.

Post Cycle Therapy

The above-mentioned side effects usually depend on the individual tolerance level and can vary from person to person. If you are experiencing any of them then you’ll probably need to implement post cycle therapy (PCT). Since LGD 3033 is more potent and effective than most of the SARMs, it is also a bit more suppressive, meaning it can alter the level of testosterone secreted each day. In order to restore testosterone levels, you may need to conduct PCT. As this change is usually only temporary, some users choose to go without post cycle therapy, but then normalizing testosterone levels takes a longer time.


LGD 3033 has a relatively short half-life of about hours which means you’ll probably have to take more than one dose a day to maintain sufficient serum concentration level in blood. The dosages depend on what are you trying to achieve and what results are expected. Cutting, bulking, and recomping all demand different dosages. The recommended dose for cutting is between 15 and 20mg each day used for a 6 to 8 weeks cycle. If your goal is bulking and increasing muscle mass then you should use 20 to 30mg a day for 8 to 10 weeks. This same dosage will also work fine for recomping. As we mentioned before, first-time users should be careful and start on the low end of these doses and check how their body responds to LGD 3033 before adjusting the dosage.

Stacking With Other SARMs

Due to the uncertainty of long-term effects, many experts recommend against stacking LGD 3033 with other SARMs. Perhaps, because of this supplement’s potency stacking is indeed not needed. Still, if you choose to go with stacking the top choice stood probably be first cousin – LGD 4033. It will increase strength levels, enhance mass, and help muscles heal. Another recommendation is Cardirine GW 501516 which will help burn fat, improve stamina, and help recovery. Also, Some users have reported success when stacking with Andarine and Testolone. Always be careful and pay close attention to how your body reacts to certain stacking combinations and adjust accordingly.

Availability and Pricing

Since the full distribution of LGD 3033 is not developed, you probably won’t be able to purchase it in a local store and will have to resort to ordering it on the internet. Even among the online retailers very have it on stock currently. When you find it, make sure that the supplier in question is credible and provides third-party test certifications. Always avoid suspect providers and ordering from Alibaba or E-bay.

Luckily some respected vendors, such as Science.bio do carry LGD 3033. Here you can order 300mg dropper glass bottle of solution with 99.1% independently confirmed purity for $59.99.

In Conclusion

Granted that all new products, especially in a poorly regulated market as it is with SARMs, raise suspicion, LGD 3033 is certainly with your attention. Anecdotal evidence and research published so far indicate a potent and strong SARM with minimum side effects. Be sure that you are certain of what you are trying to achieve and you’ll most likely be satisfied with results. Of course, since it’s not yet fully tested product some caution is advised.