Ostarine (mk2866): Pro’s & Con’s of this SARM

A Detailed Ostarine Review

We all know that the medical industry has grown in a very big way with new drugs, treatment, and technology at present and more to come on the way. Some are under clinical trials. One such drug is Ostarine. This is primarily used by bodybuilders to enhance their muscle mass, muscle strength, performance, and maintenance for a long time. There are several other benefits associated with the drug, Ostarine. However, there are several mixed reviews about the same, as it is an unapproved drug. Since there’s a lot of confusion associated as to what it is, what its use, what are its benefits, is it safe or risky, is it a steroid and several other questions in people’s mind in regards to using this drug, we shall one by one understand each of its aspects, to get a clear picture to avoid confusions and have transparency about the drug. So, let’s take a plunge in further into why it is currently used by several bodybuilders and what are its pros and cons.

What Is Ostarine?

Ostarine, referred to as enobosarm-MK-2866, is a SARM or Selective androgen receptor modulator, i.e., it stimulates androgen receptors/steroid hormone receptors that mimic testosterone. They focus on certain tissues of the body like bones or muscles which is not like in steroids. Bodybuilders use it for enhancing performance and muscle mass. It is regarded as safe, unlike steroids. It is known to improve illnesses related to muscle wasting. It is one amongst the SARMs which are not proven toxic to the human body. However, Ostarine is still under medical research and clinical trials. Therefore it remains unapproved for human use. It is particularly used in raising lean muscle strength and mass without resulting in an imbalance in hormones. It is known to enhance bone strength. It improves resistance to insulin and decreases cholesterol.

It’s a known factor that skeletal mass is raised by androgens and for the same reason, men have muscles more than women. SARMs focus on raising the anabolic process of the muscles. Ostarine structure provides certain benefits. It spares organs of reproduction.

There’s no approved dosage as the drug is under clinic trails. It is recommended to be safe to use in dosages of 1-3mg per day. The dosage can be continued for about four months. Dosages for males in bodybuilding are 25 mg and for females, 10 mg per day are current clinical recommendations.

In clinical studies, it is seen that it was effective as dihydrotestosterone, an androgen to restore pelvic floor muscle size. Androgen receptors are very abundant in pelvic floor muscles. It could stimulate stem cells of muscle that assist in regenerating and remodeling muscles. It also worked as a connective tissue cell stimulator that is crucial in muscle injury recovery. It was seen to enhance the IGF1-gene growth factor for insulin that stimulates muscle strength as well as growth.

It was seen to burn fat and enhances the pure mass of muscle with very few side effects. It is considered that the results obtained with the use of Ostarine are well maintained and easy.

How does all this happen? Ostarine operates by attaching itself to the body proteins, referred to as androgen receptors. By binding, the drug tells the bodily muscles to develop. Steroids, however, when binds to androgen receptors, results in several side effects while Ostarine does not.

Benefits of Ostarine / Potential Uses

Ostarine is used in the bodybuilding industry for several benefits. It provides results with minimal side effects, unlike a steroid. Let’s take a look at the benefits of its potential uses.

1) Muscle Mass

There are millions of patients suffering from cancer and muscular dystrophy in which one of the symptoms includes muscle wastage and lowering of its mass. Many trails are taken into account regarding Enobosarm’s property and the connected researches in regards to the losses and their importance that it provides.

For instance, a trial was taken to seek answers regarding Ostarine. They carried trails on elderly people with good health and of age no more than 120. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well for its reputation. Only 3mg doses were used for 3 months and it worked to give good results while low doses did not work. With this, one must conclude that it is a boon as it did not result in serious side-effects like the steroids.

Another trial taken for patients suffering from cancer with a muscle weight loss and around 159 members displayed constant reports of losing muscle mass. The loss was about 2-3 lbs before the trial which was history. The doses of Ostarine worked just quite well as the first case in the second trial wherein around 16 weeks, they showed positive results despite the dosage used is 1 mg or 3 mg per day.

Although this trial concludes the approval, larger clinical trials are still being carried out regarding the impact of the drug on muscle mass.

2) Bone Health

There is no proper conclusion regarding the trials or an organized study regarding the impact on this drug on bone health. Osteoporosis is caused by aging and this leads to poor efficiency of bones and its health. This is caused due to the sex-hormones that are responsible for shielding the bones. This means there is a high chance of older people suffering from fractures and shall have no proper and permanent recovery. Theories state that this drug is a testosterone twin that favors bone-protection. Few of the studies have shown that Enoborosarm does possess this unique quality of muscle enhancement and therefore it can strengthen bones and promote recovery.

3) Heart Health

This drug has shown a positive impact on heart health. It is proved under a trial that Enoborosarm prevents as well as cures heart diseases, particularly those who have constant muscle wastage and loss of muscle mass. The trial included 120 healthy elder members who were given suggested doses of Ostarine showed regulated levels of lipid content in the body along with reduced cholesterol levels. This implied that the drug could prevent heart-related diseases. The side-effects include low HDL levels as a side effect as this can make a person more prone to heart disease.

4) Insulin Resistance

Almost all of the clinical trials conducted and specified within this article conclude the fact that the resistance of insulin showed drastic improvement in the body. This shows that the body is less prone to harmful diabetic disorders and metabolism-related diseases. The trials conducted, additionally showed that the body was able to reduce its glucose levels. These conclusions imply that Enobosarm worked effectively as a drug that prevents diabetic-issues in people, especially in the elderly population. It shows so many characteristics of a diabetic-preventive medicine/drug such as the metformin, which is a twin of Ostarine. As per available limited-data, the legal confirmation of improvement in bone-strength and regulated sugars has to be still made.

Its use in Bodybuilding

It is considered by several bodybuilders that Ostarine provides them with a long-lasting gain of pure muscle. It is preferred by women too as there’s no male like the growth of hair, voice deepening, and related higher androgen indications. There are fat loss and gain in muscle in females comparatively more than in males. In bodybuilding, Ostarine gains are obtained in all the phases of bodybuilding, from bulking cycles to cutting to the recomposition of the body to the recovery of muscles.

Bulking Cycles:

  • There’s a gain of dry, pure, mild, and clean muscle, unlike steroids. The stamina, strength, and lifting endurance is raised.
  • During a workout, one can do great pumps without any retention of water.
  • There’s an enhanced sense of energy and well being.
  • No supplements crash or raise in aggression.
  • More fat loss and gain in muscle in women as compared to men.

Cutting cycle

  • Sustaining muscle mass with no fat loss and strength loss

Body Recomposition

  • Muscle gain with fat loss and Weight gain


  • Recovery of muscle is enhanced within a week at a low dose.
  • Improved prevention of injury
  • Good mobility in joints
  • Tendon and bone injury healing is enhanced

Side effects

Like with anything, there are pros and cons of this drug as well. Ostarine may cause back pain, headache, testosterone suppression, elevate blood estradiol, lowered sense of well-being post 9 days of use, join pains, interrupted sleep, lower strength, depression, raised estrogens, raised hunger, skin and acne alteration. However, there are not many people known to have suffered seriously with side effects.


The above information shall give you a clear picture of its advantages, why it is used, and its side effects. Ostarine is under clinical trials and hence an unapproved drug. For the same reason, some more studies are performed to know its safety and efficacy on humans. Since it is a SARM and not a steroid, it is considered safe by bodybuilders owing to its benefits and results. It is known to provide the best and long-lasting results without any harmful side effects as long as the recommended dosage is maintained. It is best to speak to a physician if there are any health issues involved to keep away from risk or danger.