RAD140 ( Testolone) : What you should know

Intro to RAD140

Rad140(Testolone) is referred to as one of the most powerful SARMs(selective androgen receptor modulators) on the market. It is mainly utilized in the bodybuilding and fitness world as a less risky alternative to anabolic steroids. In this article, we will talk more about Rad140 and delve deep into the side effects, uses and benefits of using this particular selective androgen receptor modulator. 

Before we get into the detailed overview of Rad 140, we will give a brief explanation of exactly what selective androgen receptor modulators are. Also known as SARMs, they connect with androgen receptors in the body and they facilitate muscle and bone growth. They also boost strength and help to build lean muscle. One of the most prominent reasons for using Rad 140 and other popular SARMs is the fact that they can be just as effective as anabolic steroids but without the severe adverse side effects associated with taking them. 

 Here are some of the benefits of taking Rad 140

Benefits of Rad 140 

 Promotes lean muscle growth

Rad 140 works effectively to promote and boost lean muscle growth. Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use it to facilitate the growth of lean muscle. 

Boosts Fat Loss

Rad 140 helps to boost fat loss by increasing the rate in which the body metabolises fat. Users have reported significant fat loss in a short space of time when taken daily for a particular time period. 

Enhances Performance 

Rad 140 has been known to enhance athletic performance, increase endurance and boost overall strength. 

Side Effects of Taking Rad140 

Here are some of the side effects related to taking Rad 140. Bear in mind that these are possible side effects, they are not definitive side effects however, you should still be mindful of how much you take, try to stick to the recommended dosage. Taking more than the recommended dose could be dangerous and it could heighten the possible negative side effects associated with taking it. 

Hair Loss 

Some users have reported minimal hair loss as a result of taking Rad 140 and other selective androgen receptor modulators. 


Nausea is another reported side effect however, one of the ways of combating nausea is to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration. 


Migraines are usually associated with taking SARMs and anabolic steroids however, often headaches can be combated by monitoring your water intake. On days when you are taking Rad 140,  up your water intake to prevent dehydration. 

Rad 140 Dosage 

It is vital that you stick to the recommended dosage when taking Rad140, bear in mind that it is a powerful selective androgen receptor modulator and it is best to avoid taking more than the recommended amount. Research has shown that the best dosage range is between 10 and 30 mg. If you have just started out taking Rad 140, don’t take more than you can handle. It is best to start off with about 10mg for the first few weeks and then build up to more as your body becomes accustomed to taking it. 

When you are ready to take 30mg, you should cycle the course for about eight weeks. Ten weeks the absolute maximum when it comes to cycling Rad 140. 

Severe side effects might occur if you take too much therefore, be mindful of the dosage. Rad 140 lasts for approximately 16 to 20 hours in the body therefore, you only really need to take it once a day. 

User Reviews 

“My main goal was to get rid of some excess belly fat, I took Rad 140 for about seven weeks, 20 mg per day. The first couple of weeks, I experienced a few headaches, after about 4 weeks, the headaches disappeared and I noticed my belly fat had reduced quite a bit. I am on my second cycle now and I am really happy with the results.” -Ben Lawson- 

“I tried Rad 140 for ten weeks and I have seen a few changes, nothing dramatic but I can definitely see a difference in my arms. I generally hold more fat in my arms and I find it difficult to lose fat and build lean muscle there however, after taking Rad 140 I have some hope that I will eventually get rid of the fat on my arms and build some lean muscle there instead. Carl Lesley-

“I have tried a few SARMs in the past and nothing really compares to Rad 140. One of the reasons I like it so much is that I notice quite significant results but without the nasty side effects. To be honest most of the SARMs I have tried don’t really give major side effects but with Rad 140, I didn’t get any side effects at all. I just felt really energetic and strong after taking it.- Paul Malcolm

I really don’t think you can go wrong with Rad140, the key is finding your happy medium and sticking with it for a while until you see results. You might have to change things up a bit after the first couple of cycles however, the results speak for themselves. I have recommended Rad 140 to a couple of my fitness friends and they have also noticed some really good results.” Keith Sumner- 

“I recently lost more than 50 pounds in weight however, building lean muscle has been a major struggle for me. I haven’t been able to build muscle at all, until I started taking Rad 140. Now I have noticed a real change in the way my body looks, I have a little definition in my arms and my shoulders, and my stomach is looking more lean too.” -Bernard Marks- 

“I have to admit, I have experienced some headaches and a bit of nausea since I started taking Rad 140 but not as much as I did when I was taking anabolic steroids. The side effects have totally subsided now and I feel great every time I take it. The main thing I have noticed is my strength has definitely improved and I feel more energetic than I did before I started taking Rad 140. 


As stated previously, Rad 140 is a highly potent selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) that works effectively to boost fat loss, enhance performance, build lean muscle and to boost strength. Most athletes and bodybuilders who use it state that the results are equal to that of anabolic steroids without the terrible side effects that often go along with taking them. In the article, we gave an overview of the benefits and side effects connected to taking Rad140 and we also spoke about the importance of sticking to the recommended dosage. Overusing the drug could be dangerous, also it is advisable to consult with your doctor or medical professional prior to starting a course of Rad140.