The resource section is intended to provide a range of technical and general information to interested readers seeking to broaden their understanding of various aspects of anabolic steroids. Information of this kind can be difficult to find, and is often fragmented across numerous websites and forums. In order to provide a readily accessible centralized source of comprehensive information, we invite you to share any reference material (eg. scientific articles, package inserts, e-books) that you believe may be of benefit to others. Check back often for updates! If you have an article you would like to share, please contact us, making sure you select "Resource Article" in the subject line.

  • Resource Library - Here you will find a wide range of reference material derived from scientific articles, e-books and package inserts. This option requires a login.
  • Pharmacology 101 - Basic pharmacological principles are reviewed here.
  • Cycle Examples - A variety of hypothetical anabolic steroid cycles, generated from the Anabolic Steroid Calculator, are presented in this category.
  • Structures - Ever wondered about the chemical structure of your favorite steroid? Wonder no more-you can find them all here!