Stenabolic (SR9009): Pro’s & COn’s

Stenabolic Information

Sometimes referred to as a powerhouse form of cardio in pill form, Stenabolic has drawn a great deal of attention over the years. It has often been included in conversations about the best SARMs for bodybuilding, the top SARMs for weight loss, and other needs along similar lines. The truth of the matter is that while Stenabolic, also known as SR9009, does indeed share some significant similarities with many of the best examples of SARMs, we are not actually talking about a legitimate member of the SARMs family.

As you will discover in this article, Stenabolic is indeed something else entirely. This is a supplement with an absolutely fascinating background. This includes not only potential benefits, but also the possibility of experiencing side effects while using it. For that specific reason, the ideal Stenabolic dosage is absolutely something you will want to pay attention to.

Indeed, while Stenabolic may not be an actual example of a SARM, it is likely to be one of the first supplements you encounter, if you are new to all of this. Is Stenabolic right for you? This is ultimately going to depend on a number of factors. Let’s start with a closer look at some background insight into exactly what we’re talking about.

Stenabolic Background

Beyond the fact that Stenabolic technically isn’t a SARM (which we will cover in greater detail shortly), there is a great deal we know about Stenabolic/SR9009 in the present. We know that it was created by the Scripps Research Institute a few years ago. We also know the man behind SR-9009 to be a man named Thomas Burris. Widely considered one of the most important names in this field, Stenabolic is a powerful example of a Rev-ErbA ligand. Don’t let the funky name throw you off. It is a legitimate designation for a specific type of protein that is produced by the human body.

Supplements that work in conjunction with Rev-ErbA can have very interesting, extremely useful impacts on how we build muscle and shed fat. The process also influences not only our strength and energy levels, but how long we are able to healthily sustain those levels, as well. Stenabolic has been shown by numerous studies to bind with this protein, giving it a considerable boost. Burris and the Scripps Research indeed created SR9009 for this specific purpose. The supplement underwent considerable testing and study before going to market. It is currently the most viable, legal supplement that makes the sorts of promises Stenabolic makes to begin with. As we take a closer look at the assorted benefits of Stenabolic, as well as potential drawbacks, we begin to see why it has enjoyed considerable popularity for a considerable amount of time.

However, let’s first explain why Stenabolic is different from SARMs in the first place. With a SARM, you are talking about something that impacts the receptors that correspond to your hormones. On the other hand, Stenabolic will actually bind to the actual protein. While these processes are somewhat similar, the ultimate results for the user are still going to be differently. This is simply because binding to the protein directly will have much more intensive, noticeable effects, as opposed to just binding to the receptors.

Pros And Cons Of Stenabolic

The touted, established benefits of Stenabolic are impressive indeed. The fact that it works effectively as a weight loss supplement is one of the first things to keep in mind. The supplement works well with several different elements in your body, including your glucose metabolism, your lipids, and the cells responsible for storing fat. Furthermore, Stenabolic works with your circadian system, as well as your macrophages. While simultaneously getting rid of undesirable fat, it is also using that fat to give you more in the way of natural energy. This is one of the reasons why bodybuilders and many athletes are interested in SR9009. The energy they gain from burning fat lends itself extremely well to working out. With this in mind, we can see how it works to aid in building lean muscle mass.

Its ability to do this is another major advantage. This is particularly true in the sense that Stenabolic can be extremely useful at giving you increased muscle strength, combined with enhanced endurance. With greater periods of beneficial energy, as well as higher degrees of strength, you will be able to take your workout to an entirely new plateau. This is perhaps why the supplement has been celebrated for helping a wide range of people reach their fitness goals in relatively short order. You won’t have to wait particularly long to see those results, to be sure.

As it works to regulate your blood sugar levels, it also improves your metabolic systems. This means processing food and drink into meaningful energy. However, a stronger metabolism also means a greater degree of protection against various viruses and other unwanted infections.

For all of these reasons, it is not difficult to appreciate the potential of Stenabolic for bodybuilders, as well as other athletes. At the same time, it isn’t difficult to see the appeal of SR9009 for just about anyone who wants to build lean muscle, burn fat, and even enjoy more restful sleep. Using and burning energy naturally comes with the considerable benefit of being able to get deeper, more restful sleep in the evenings.

In terms of side effects, keep in mind that one thing we are still learning about is the possibility of long-term damage from using Stenabolic. At this particular moment in time, it doesn’t seem to be causing noteworthy issues for virtually anyone. Of course, this is highly dependent upon observing proper SR9009 dosages. While Stenabolic doesn’t seem to cause damage to the kidneys or liver, some experts suggest taking measures/products designed to protect these organs regardless. This is a good example of the “better safe than sorry” mentality that many maintain when using these supplements and similar products.

There is also a potential for mild lethargy during downtimes. Some users also reported mild headache and/or nausea in the early stages of taking the supplement.

Stenabolic Dosage

Because of the potency behind Stenabolic, it is not considered a good idea to use it in high amounts. Certainly, you do not want to overuse Stenabolic for a prolonged period of time. While it does not damage the body in the same fashion as steroids, or even SARMs, this is still not a supplement that should be abused in any form or fashion.

Keeping this in mind, the recommended SR9009 dosage is somewhere in the 20mg to 30mg range. It is suggested that newcomers start off in the lower part of that estimate. Because of the extremely short shelf-life of Stenabolic, it is recommended that you break down your dosage throughout the day. This can be anywhere between 5 to 10mg every four hours.

It is also important to take breaks. The suggested Stenabolic cycle is 12 weeks. After this, you should strongly consider taking an extended break of at least 2 weeks from the supplement. Taking it for longer than 12 weeks can cause your body to stop building this essential protein.


Clearly, there is a good deal about Stenabolic that should be taken seriously. There is a good deal to recommend to those who can adhere to responsible use.