best sarms for cutting

The 3 Best SARMs for Cutting

Which SARMs for Cutting

SARMs are more popular in the bodybuilding, weightlifting, and athletic communities than ever before – and for good reason!

Sometimes described as “holy grail” performance-enhancing compounds, these amazing chemical cocktails are capable of giving you (almost) all of the same results that traditional anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs offer without any of the nasty (and sometimes dangerous) side effects.

Engineered by laboratories around the world to trigger androgen receptors in the body (which is why they are called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), you’re able to sort of change the way that hormones communicate with your body through these compounds – unleashing a flood of major performance enhancing benefits that might not have been possible otherwise.

And while there are a lot of people in the fitness world that use SARMs to bulk up in a hurry, adding pounds and pounds of lean muscle mass to their frame while sending their strength and endurance levels through the roof at the same time, plenty of athletes are leveraging the power of SARMs to cut fact faster.

The beautiful thing about these performance-enhancing compounds is that they give you an opportunity for both pack on muscle and cut fat at the same time while protecting your gains along the way.

Below we dive a little deeper into everything you need to know about using SARMs to cut and highlight the three best options to do exactly that on the market today.

Let’s get into it!

Why Use SARMs to Help Cut?

The number one reason to use SARMs to help you cut is because they work to protect all of the lean muscle mass gains you have worked so hard to generate, even when eating at a real caloric deficit and still training intensely.

SARMs pull this off by modulating the messages that cause androgen receptors to bind with testosterone throughout your muscular tissue to begin with, helping to insulate and protect your muscle protein from being consumed as fuel for energy when you’re eating at a deficit.

Anyone that has ever gone through the bulking and cutting stage of bodybuilding knows that they are going to put on a couple of pounds of fat when eating at a caloric surplus along with the lean muscle mass they have generated – and that they are also going to lose some of that muscle when they the switch and start to cut, too.

With SARMs, though, you’re able to really protect and sort of isolate the lean muscle mass that you have generated, changing the way that your hormones communicate throughout your body. Instead of consuming protein for energy to fuel your elevated metabolism SARMs are going to make sure that your body prioritizes fat above all else.

This helps you get shredded faster than maybe anything else out there!

Of course, depending on the SARMs you use – and the stack that you might choose to take advantage of – you may even be able to build lean muscle mass while eating at a caloric deficit during your cutting phase.

This can be really difficult to pull off otherwise, unless you are brand-new to the world of weightlifting, but with the help of the right SARMs it becomes a whole lot easier. That’s just another reason to consider leveraging everything that modern comes in the form of SARMs have to deliver.

The Three Best SARMs for Cutting

Andarine S4

This particular SARM is one of the most popular options on the planet today, as well as one that is the most functionally similar to more traditional steroids in that it will help you boost your strength and athletic performance gains even while you shred at a caloric deficit.

Created in a Japanese laboratory by one of their major pharmaceutical companies, this particular SARM was originally conceived of as a solution to help prevent muscular wasting due to serious medical conditions.

It didn’t take long for the folks in the athletic community to see just how beneficial a chemical cocktail like this would be for protecting muscular gains while cutting – especially when they read the research that shows just how powerful this SARM is at oxidizing fat in the body on a pretty much around-the-clock basis.


Another of the more popular SARMs available today, this particular option isn’t just great for cutting but it also will help you in the bulking department – which makes it one of the top options for those that want to build lean muscle mass while getting rid of any stubborn fat on their body along the way.

A lot of people really like this option because it is more mild than some of the other SARMs out there, allowing you to use it on a more consistent basis – and for longer stretches of time – than you might be able to with some of the more potent SARM formulas available.

You won’t necessarily have to use a PCT protocol with this SARM to recover after your cycle has concluded, either. Of course, if you’re going to stack this SARM with other cutting options a PCT is almost mandatory – though that’s something we will get to in just a moment.


Right out of the gate, it’s important to note that you’ll want to use LGD-3303 and NOT the LGD-4033 performance-enhancing compound when you are looking to cut.

A lot of people confuse these SARMs with one another, but as long as you remember that LGD-3303 is the SARM that you’ll want to use when you are cutting you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The other formula will help you bulk more than anything else and isn’t all that effective at helping you melt fat – at least not the same way that cutting specific SARMs are.

This just might be the best cutting SARM of them all, specifically because it’s able to help athletes retain so much muscle over significantly extended amounts of time with low calorie intakes.

You’ll be able to eat at dramatic caloric deficit to jumpstart your cutting journey without having to worry about your body cannibalizing your hard-won gains just to fuel your training or your day-to-day activity with the help of this SARM.

Tips for Making the Most of SARMs While Cutting

At the end of the day, any of the three options that we highlighted above can help you transform your progress faster than maybe any other SARM out there. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

But if you really want to take things to the next level, looking for something that can help you speed up your cutting journey by two or three times what would have been possible otherwise, you want to consider stacking these SARMs with one another.

All three of the options we highlighted can be combined with one another (separately or as a trio), working synergistically with one another to elevate the results you get, the speed up the results you get, and to provide you with a potent combination of performance-enhancing compounds that will make your cutting process really simple and straightforward.

Of course, if you go down this road and decide to stack these SARMs together it’s important that you have a plan for daily dosages (you can take a standard dosage of each when you are combining them altogether) as well as a plan for your Post Cycle Therapy protocol.

PCT is a huge piece of the puzzle when you stack things together, just because of the potency of the SARMs working together in your system for extended amounts of time.

Knockout those key strategies before you jump right in with a SARM stack for cutting, though, and you’ll be good to go!